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Does Your Curtain Rod Come With Brackets?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at our store is: "Do your Curtain Rods or Traverse Rods come with brackets?" And, the answer is yes.

When you're buying a Curtain Rod, make sure to double check if the brackets are included. Some stores advertise low prices for Curtain Rods, but they sell the brackets or other mounting hardware separately.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware, Your Curtain Rod Guide

A really awesome window treatment can transform any room. One of the most important components of your window treatment is the drapery hardware responsible for hanging, displaying or drawing the curtains or fabric. Our guide to Kirsch drapery hardware, curtain rods and traverse rods will help you choose the right rod style for your window treatment.

About Our Guide To Curtain Rods And Traverse Rods

Over the past decade, we have been asked a lot of questions about curtain rods and traverse rods!

We know that sometimes, the drapery hardware industry can seem confusing. Especially when you have to make choices like clearance, return, mount and drapery draw. Not to mention all of the other little pieces of information you need to determine before your order a curtain rod or traverse rod.

To help you sort through all of the drapery rod terminology and to find the perfect curtain rod or traverse rod, we compiled all of the information we could gather and created The Curtain Rod Site!

If you already know what style curtain rod or traverse rod you need, you can jump straight to our Rod Selector to find the drapery rod that is the perfect fit for your window!

One of the biggest obstacles customers find when searching for Kirsch drapery hardware is that they don't understand the terminology of the drapery rod industry. While they know they need a new curtain rod, figuring out the style and operation of the rod if frequently frustrating. It turns out that sometimes a curtain rod isn't really a curtain rod, but a traverse rod, or a valance rod, or maybe a Continental Rod. Once you start considering options like clearance, return and draw, many customers just give up.

The goal of Curtain Rod Site.com is to give you all the tools you need to find the exact curtain rod that you want for your window. Read through all of our articles to help you determine the curtain rod type that you need along with all of those pesky functional details. It's really not as difficult as it may seem. For example, if you know that you want your drapery to open and close with a cord, then the type of rod that you need is called a traverse rod. You can go straight to our Traverse Rod articles to start learning about that style of drapery rod. If you have a drapery or valance that's made with a rod pocket, then you'll want to find the correct curtain rod to hang it on. Our Curtain Rod Styles section would be a good place to start.

For help with hanging or installing you new curtain rod, we have a couple of articles which may be of interest. Read our Hanging Tips and Drapery Considerations articles for additional assistance with issues like these.

And, if you can't find the answer to your question here - then drop by one of our shopping sites, Designer Drapery Hardware.com or Curtain Rod Sets.com and ask us! You can get live help via phone or our Click-To-Chat system. We're always available to help you with your curtain rod or drapery hardware questions!

We Recommend Kirsch Curtain Rods And Traverse Rods

Sure, there are a lot of drapery rod manufacturers out there. But, hands down, we recommend Kirsch curtain rods.

There are many reasons to consider Kirsch, not the least of which is that they've been around since 1907! That's a pretty good history.

The most widely specified and installed drapery hardware is manufactured by Kirsch.

Architects, designers and builders choose Kirsch more than any other brand, and that's why all of the drapery hardware you see on this site is made by Kirsch.

A lot of shoppers don't realize that many of the curtain rod and traverse rod innovations made in the last century came directly from Kirsch. Kirsch has been the leader in the drapery hardware industry for a really long time and as a result they are a favorite among professional drapery makers and builders. It doesn't matter what type of drapery or curtain you have, Kirsch has a rod that will work perfectly for your installation.

One of the greatest benefits to using Kirsch curtain rods is durability. These drapery rods are built to last a long time! Our Customer Service team takes calls daily that start off with a customer telling us they need a new cord pulley or support for a Kirsch curtain rod that they installed thirty years ago! The most common reason customers give for needing replacement parts is that they lost the part when they took the rod down to paint. That's a great testimonial for just how long-lasting Kirsch drapery hardware is!

The most widely used Kirsch curtain rod is the Superfine Traverse Rod. While Kirsch makes different types of curtain rods, the Superfine is by far the most popular. These types of traverse rods are very strong and affordable. And, they are pre-manufactured by Kirsch in several popular configurations like one-way draw left, one-way draw right and center, or split, draw. You can learn more about traverse rod styles by reading the Traverse Rod Styles section of our website. Basically, the draw of a traverse rods refers to the direction the drapery opens or closes and what side of the rod the drapery stack is on.

We realize that there are many curtain rod makers, but our web stores only sell Kirsch branded curtain rods and traverse rods because we want to make sure we're offering to our shoppers the very best options for their drapery treatment. If you have any questions about using Kirsch curtain rods for your project, drop by one of our stores today and ask us!

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