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Does Your Curtain Rod Come With Brackets?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at our store is: "Do your Curtain Rods or Traverse Rods come with brackets?" And, the answer is yes.

When you're buying a Curtain Rod, make sure to double check if the brackets are included. Some stores advertise low prices for Curtain Rods, but they sell the brackets or other mounting hardware separately.

Hanging Your Kirsch Curtain Rod Or Traverse Rod Is Easy With The Right Tools

Installing (or hanging) your curtain rod is a simple process. You should have a screwdriver or drill and a level on hand to help you install the rod properly.

Deciding Where To Install Your Drapery Hardware

You Can Hang Your Rod Above, On Or In Your Window

It's a good idea to decide where to install your Curtain Rod or Traverse Rod before you actually place an order for a rod. There are three typical locations for installation: Above and outside the window (Green Bar), On the window or on the window molding (White Bar), and Inside the window frame (Orange Bar)

Above And Outside The Window: Curtain Rods or Traverse Rods installed above and outside the window are anchored to your wall. When considering this type of installation, make sure to add the thickness of the window molding to your calculations for clearance.

On The Window (Or Window Molding): Installing your Curtain Rod or Traverse Rod on the window will require that you anchor your rod through the molding. This will leave screw holes in your window molding if you take the rod down in the future.

Inside The Window Frame: To install a Curtain Rod inside the window frame, you'll need to choose a spring pressure rod or a rod with Inside Mount Sockets available.

Install Your Brackets Using The Screw Holes As Guides

Install Brackets And Supports

For most drapery hardware, there are three pieces of hardware to install: The two brackets and one center support. Some smaller rods may not need a center support.

Some may choose to level their brackets using the same distance from the floor, some may choose to level their brackets using the same distance from the ceiling. However, you may want to level your brackets using your window frame as a baseline. In some homes, the floor, ceiling or frame may not be level and you may need to install your Curtain Rod or Traverse Rod slightly off-level so that it looks pleasing.

Once you decide, you can mark your bracket location using the screw holes in the bracket as a guide. After you install your brackets - temporarily hang your rod, check it's operation and using the rod as a guide, mark your center support location.

Complete Installation Instructions For Kirsch Curtain Rods

Download The Kirsch Installation Guide

We have compiled all of the Installation Instructions for Kirsch Drapery Hardware, Traverse Rods, Valance Rods and Specialty Rods into a PDF booklet that you can download and save to your computer or print using your printer.

Download The Booklet From Our Store (FREE!):

When you're ready to hang your curtain rod it's always a good idea to have some extra mounting hardware available. If you're installing your curtain rod above a window and into the wood header, you'll probably want some wood screws to make sure that the bracket is stable. And, if you're hanging your drapery rods on a section of wall that doesn't have a wood stud behind it, you'll need to use hollow-wall anchors or molly-bolts. If you don't add additional support, your curtain rod may work itself loose over time. You can find these installation pieces at your local hardware or home improvement store.

You'll hear a lot of different advice when it comes to measuring for the optimum mounting location for your Kirsh drapery hardware. Some experts will tell you to measure from the floor up for your brackets, while others may say measure from the ceiling down. Measuring for curtain rods can be done in several ways and is influenced by what type of drapery you're hanging. If you're hanging traverse drapes or drapes that come close to the floor, it's important for your brackets to be level with the floor. Otherwise, the drape will drag on the floor. But, in some older homes, the windows may not be level or square. If you hang your brackets perfectly level, when viewed along with your window, your drapery rod may appear crooked. It's always a good idea to try a dry fit of your drapery hardware first before hanging any brackets. Ask a friend to help you hold the curtain rod up to your desired installation location and make sure it looks right and functions well before going forward.

Kirsch curtain rods come with several different brackets that can help you with your curtain rod installations. For traverse rods, the drop-in style bracket is frequently used by Kirsch. The Kirsch drop-in bracket allows you to easily level and install your curtain rod. Regular Kirsch curtain rods use standard zinc plated installation brackets. For drapes or valances with extended returns, you can use a Kirsch bracket extension kit to add additional inches to your clearance or return.

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