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Making Your Curtain Rod or Traverse Rod Stronger

If you need to hang long or heavy drapes, you can increase the strength of your curtain rod or traverse rod by ordering a telescoping rod with a minimum width near your window size.

For instance, for a 48" window, order a telescoping rod that fits a 48" to 84" window and you'll double-up the rod thickness making for a studier rod.

Kirsch Curtain Rods Have Many Accessories Available

Beyond the basic Curtain Rod and Traverse Rod accessories such as extra brackets and supports, there are many extra items you can buy to help you install your Kirsch drapery hardware treatment like cord tassels, tension pulley's and drapery rings.

Securing Your Travere Rod Cords Using Cord Pulley's

Cord Tension Pulley, Cord Guide, Cord Tassel

To keep your Traverse Rod cords in place, you can use a cord tension pulley or a cord guide. Both of these options will keep your Traverse Rod cords hanging straight and untangled.

If you're concerned about child safety, you can carefully cut your Traverse Rod cords and use plastic cord tassels. Remember, window treatments with cord loops can be hazardous to very young children or pets.

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You Can Use Rings On Sash Rods, Cafe Rods Or Shower Rods

Rings For Curtain Rods

Sometimes, you may want to install a drapery that doesn't have a rod pocket onto a regular Curtain Rod, Sash Rod or Spring Pressure Rod.

Rings with eyelets are available for Sash Rods while Rings with clips are available for Cafe Rods. Remember, Cafe Rods aren't meant to hold very much weight

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Hooks And Tiebacks Are Used To Hold Your Drapery In Place

Hooks And Tiebacks For Curtain Rods

There are hundreds of decorative holdbacks and medallions on the market if you're looking for an eye-catching way to hold your drapery in place.

But, if you're looking for something simple, there are many low-cost tieback and hook options to choose from. Tiebacks and hooks are used to hold your drapery in place when it's open.

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Once you've selected your Kirsch drapery hardware, you might find out that your curtain rods need a few more items to make them work properly. Some of the most common drapery rod accessories are cord pulls which are sometimes called cord pulleys. These cord tension pulleys keep the draw string of a traverse curtain rod tight and easy to pull open or closed. You can also get a cord pulley without the spring tension component that will just keep your cord hanging straight and non-tangled.

Some drapery rods may need decorative or functional rings. You'll find that rings for curtain rods are available in many sizes. But, not all curtain rods need rings. Curtain rods that you're using for valances or other rod-pocket style treatments won't make use of rings to attach the fabric to the drapery rod.

All of these accessories are available in the Kirsch drapery hardware collections. Kirsch even has rings made to be used on shower curtain rods. Some other Kirsch accessories that may be useful include tiebacks and hooks. You can often use these accessories for standard draperies and with any Kirsch curtain rod. It's usually a good idea to install accessories for your curtain rod that are made by the same brand. For example, if you're installing a Kirsch drapery rod, then it's a good idea to get matching Kirsch accessory components.

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