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Making Your Curtain Rod or Traverse Rod Stronger

If you need to hang long or heavy drapes, you can increase the strength of your curtain rod or traverse rod by ordering a telescoping rod with a minimum width near your window size.

For instance, for a 48" window, order a telescoping rod that fits a 48" to 84" window and you'll double-up the rod thickness making for a studier rod.

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Designer Drapery Hardware
Designer Drapery Hardware

Designer Drapery Hardware is our flagship web store and has just about everything you could possibly want for your window treatment.

If you need Kirsch drapery hardware, you'll find hundreds of options, colors and styles at Designer Drapery Hardware.

Or, if you need Kirsch drapery hardware like curtain rods, valance rods and sash rods - Designer Drapery Hardware is the place to be.

Drapery Pole Site
The Drapery Pole Site

If you need information about wood drapery poles, then you're in luck.

And, you'll find plenty of helpful guides about any type of discount drapery pole all at The Drapery Pole Site!

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